Personal Statement

We help you narrate your story in a way that brings out your most compelling characteristics.


Step 1: Craft an Outline

1 Meeting (Phone or Video Call)

You’ll be meeting 1:1 (over a phone or video call) with an advisor to discuss the overall approach to writing the Personal Statement. You’ll set an outline for the essay that accounts for your intended field(s) of study, programs of interest and any relevant personal/professional experiences. With an outline in place, you have all you need to write your first draft.

*Advisors offer guidance but do not write essays for students.

Step 2: Drafts & Edits

1-2 Meetings

Your advisor will do up to 3 edits of your drafts. Edits generally relate to essay structure, consistency, style, grammar and spelling. Our guidance is centered on helping you clearly communicate your story, while preserving your unique voice. Our feedback mirrors the analysis of university admissions reviewers.

Step 3: Submit

After your advisor’s third/final edit, you’ve got your best possible statement. Submit with confidence.